What is Embryo Culture?

  • Embryo culture is a component of IVF.
  • Embryos are allowed to grow for some time in artificial medium.
  • It is technique of Embryo development in IVF lab from 1-6 days after fertilization.
  • Main Embryo stages at which embryo transfer is at day 3 & day 5.


  • Culture of embryos can either be performed in an artificial culture medium.
    • Sequential media
    • Single step media
    • Culture oil (over lay)
  • Buffering system – control and regulation of pH for in vitro embryo culture.
  • Culture buffer media can be classified according to type of buffer system.
    • Co2/ bicarbonate
    • Phosphate buffered medium
    • HEPES buffered medium
    • MOPS buffered medium
  • Incubating Temperature at 37 c, co2 6.0 depends on incubator & embryologists.

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