Donor Services for Sperm, Oocyte and Embryo

Donor conception is the use of sperm, Oocyte or embryos donated by someone else in  fertility treatment.

There are four types of IVF cycle Available:

  1. Self-using both Egg & Sperm of the Patient
  2. Oocyte donation– Sperm is from husband and egg from donor outside.
  3. Sperm donation– Egg is from Wife & Sperm From donor outside
  4. Embryo donation – Both Egg & Sperm from outside donor.
  • Flora Fertility Center is providing donor Services for Sperm, oocyte and Embryo in Ahmedabad.
  • For Donor services Consent is mandatory of both the partners according to ICMR Guideline.

Donor Services for Sperm, Egg and Embryo

A).Oocyte Donation

  • Oocyte should be donated from donor.
  • Oocyte donor is selected and match with couple’s
    • blood group
    • color
    • height
  • Donor has to undergo for a series of medical and genetic screenings.
  • Selected Oocyte donor haveto undergo hormone stimulation to retrieved oocytes from the ovary.
  • Oocytes are collected and fertilized with the partner’s sperm in IVF lab.
  • Than developedembryo is transferred to the uterus.
  • Oocyte donation may be needed for the following reasons-.
    • A woman is infertile whose own ovaries do not produce eggs,
      • due to premature menopause
      • Poor Ovarian Reserve
      • Multiple ivf failed
      • Cancer patients.
      • A woman has a known genetic disorder.
      • Carrier of a genetic disorder (pass to newborn children).
      • A woman ovaries removed (due to Cancer), or born without ovaries.

B). Sperm Donation

  • Couples use donor sperm due to:
    • Low sperm count
    • Low sperm motility
    • Low sperm Morphology
    • DNA fragmented spermGenetic problem that could be inherited from the male.
  • The donor sperm is used to either by:
    • Intrauterine insemination
    • In-Vitro-Fertilization process.
    • All donor sperm samples are available at register sperm bank.
  • sperm samples are collected from fertile donors& screened from:
    • viral Infections (HIV, Hepatitis-B etc.)
    • Karyotyping (genetic problems).
  • According to guideline known donor should not be used.
  • Proper Counselling and consent is must.

C). Embryo donation

  • Embryo donation is recommended in the couples when both the female and male are infertile.
  • Embryo is developed by injecting both sperm and egg of donors and Culture from day 0 to day 5 then place into the uterus of female partner.
  • Condition – Female and male both partner having some genetic issue.
  • The donors who are donating the sperm and egg both has to undergo a series of tests to determine any medical alignment of the quality of the sperm and eggs.
  • For embryo donation couple have to undergo for counseling and guide mentally ready for this treatment and GIVE THEIR INFORMED CONSENT.
  • There are many factors including FEL:
    • Financial
    • Emotional issues
    • Legal

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